The ArkEarthinBalance actively and urgently exhorts the global Occupy Movement to achieve, live up to, not reneg on, and meet its pledge for gender equality in all it's decision-making, as the only way it will achieve all its goals for democracy and true service to the humanity of the 99% (annd transformation of the 1% away from its current errant path. This page links the ArkEarthinBalance to the Global Occupy Movement, and offers every Local and National Gathering and Assembly/Convention (especially in the influential US) and general assembly a place
To VOTE for gender balance, that is women's presence equal to men's presence
in all levels of assembly cofacilitation and decision-making, national, local and global, and reconnect your Local General Assemblies and National Assembly Conventions to all the Earth Occupies in bringing forth all equal representation for women and men/gender balance.

ArkEarthinBalance does not currently know the plans for national assemblies in all nations, but we encourage the Occupy Movement around the world to Board the Ark, and start calling their national conventions and local general assemblies Planet Earth Assemblies, within but also transcending each nation, (insteady of defining themselves purely patria-otically nationalistically, which is an offshoot of patriarchy instead of earth- interconnected gender balance.

Women have been very active in the Occupy Movement, but the movement needs to gain and highlight equal representation of women or gender balance in representation and economic paradigms, to succeed in its known major goals of democracy, peace, and a reduction in income equality. Several websites have appeared to offer communication to and about women in and interested in the Occupy Movement:
Note: The forums do not currently work. Ask Women Occupy to bring them back. The women of Occupy urgently need a centralized place to gather and exchange ideas.
. .
There is currently no active forum online linking the women participating on these websites and blogs and WomenOccupy is being encouraged to provide one.

A Way to Empower and Transform General Assemblies
The current cofacilitation
model of rules for Occupy Wall Street and General Assemblies of the Occupy Movement do call for shared 2 person Assembly Cofacilitation of Consensual and voting decision-making, but, unlike the Green Party, which has instituted gender balanced meeting cofacilitation by one female and one male for many years, the Occupy Movement has missed this reparative and democratically necessary feature thus far for its General Assemblies. Ark and others urge the Occupy Movement around the world to institute a clear gender coleadership model to facilitation of its General Assemblies, and seek out minority coleaders for presence equal to their presence in the local population. GAs should also discuss and consider options such as "stand down so she can stand up" and/or a live or later outreach telecommunication connection to women and minorities to insure gender balance and minority representation in speaking at GAs. In addition, the roles of Stack and Timekeeper at GAs should also be gender balanced. Note: This should not be interpreted to deny the need for female coleadership and female majorities (and these should seek out minority presence) at Feminist GAs or Female Caucuses, which are a necessary adjunt and reparative empowerment of women, and their work actually then contributes to and produces better results at the whole gender balanced community General Assembly

So far, There are currently two, (actually three), US National Assemblies being planned in the US, in Philadelphia, for late June-July 4th, and they have bifurcated Occupy, because the lack of gender awareness and balance and gender mainstreaming in planning thus far, as in the US as a whole, has caused a division in the US National Occupy Movement over direct democracy and representative democracy. One is the Occupy National Gathering and the National General Assembly Because they have lacked and need fuller voice in the Occupy, the women of occupy in the US (and England) at least, have started holding Feminist General Assemblies, and in the US are planning a National Feminist General Assembly for the Occupy Movement. You can read about it at The National Feminist General Assembly is cooperating with the Occupy National Gathering, but it remains to be seen if and we hope they can transform the Gathering into a fully female repararative and then gender balanced enactment of democracy in direct democracy, representative democracy, and gender coleadership.

The Occupy National Gathering website was recently updated to indicate the Feminist General Assembly FemGA is scheduled for7 July 1 at 7 PM. The Feminist General Assembly deserves special highlight and importance, as developing women's organizing and achieving women's full presence women's full presence is essential to democracy, and women are marginalized by Wall Street and Washington, both. The list of supporter Occupy General Assemblies does not indicate which ones have had Feminist GAs. Currently, although the list of Speakers is roughly gender balanced, and minority inclusive, it ominously does not say whether they will speak about the gender imbalance (and minority underinclusive imbedded in the US pseudogovernment, which ranks 78th/92nd if you count ties, in worldwide in representation of women, (and some other countries', like England, which isn't doing much better) or dysfunctional political corporocracy. Some linkage to national/general assemblies outside the US may be provided, but this is still being developed. The Schedule does not as yet indicate any march or action that calls for gender balanced *and minority) representation in the government and media. The Egyptian Spring foundered, and is becoming a real nightmare for women, due to lack of gender balance in revolutionary coleadership. (This is discussed on another section of the Ark. search for "Egypt") it is not clear whether most of the Occupy General Assemblies supporting the event practice gender balanced cofaciltiation in their general assembly meeting procedures. Can the US learn not to repeat the mistake? Planning for the Occupy National Gathering is still underway, and must strong highlight gender balance, minoriity inclusion, and a concerted focus on confronting male-dominated and democracy-destroying US major media, if it is to succeed.

The National General Assembly originally specified gender balance, one woman and one man from each Congressional District, for its national general assembly to be held in Philadelphia on July 4 2012. See and and But will this gender balance be met at the actual Convention? Urgent pressure is needed to see that it do so. Urgent pressure is needed NOW to see that it do so. NOTE: Women Delegates and Concerned Observers have cooperated to communicate an Urgent Memorandum to the National General Assembly on this matter. You can read it at: (this also appears on the website

The 99% declaration calls for a national general assembly to represent the 435 congressional districts, Washington D.C. and the five US territories to gather beginning on July 4, 2012, for the purpose of assembling a list of grievances and solutions. According to the plan, delegates are to be selected by direct vote such that two delegates -- one man and one woman -- will represent each congressional districts. In addition, one delegate each will represent Washington D.C. as well as each of the five U.S. territories. These delegates would be instructed to vote on a list of grievances at an assembly in Philadelphia. The group filed paperwork in New York State to be identified as a not-for-profit corporation entitled The 99% Working Group, Ltd. 1. An End to Corporate Personhood
2. The Overturning of the Supreme Court's Decision in Citizens United v. F.E.C.
3. The Elimination of Crony Capitalism and Washington's Revolving Door of Corruption
4. Comprehensive Banking and Securities Reform to end Wall Street's Control of our Politicians
5. 100% Public Financing of Political Campaigns and Other Election Reforms
6. That all Politicians Take the Rootstrikers' Anti-Corruption Pledge Before the November 2012 General Election,

>But the critical fulcrum variable - balance of gender between female and male, - that yin/yang group dynamic balance interactional variable that makes all the other changes possible to achieve - is frighteningly missing from tbe otherwise acceptable grievances. There is absolutely no recognition of the fact that women's representation/gender balance in the US has fallen to a rank of 78 in the world, and does not meet the necessary critical level to protect human rights, democracry and the environment

The ARKEarthinBalance and other women interested are offering that a global universal woman's representation/gender balance call be central among all the other occupy grievances, and added to the many of the Internet websites of the Occupy Movement, the Ark is specifically calling for the National General Assembly Grievances and Solutions to add: 50-50 female/male gender balance in representation in this and all subsequent decision-making assemblies, nationally and in connection with global occupy activities, and gender balance amendment to all Constitutions and Charters, (as has already occurred in many countries)

Again, ARK is here also offering the entire Occupy Movement, as well as local occupy assemblies, a place to vote for gender balance, locally and nationally, and globally, as the only way to protect democracy, sustainable shared wealth, and the Earth. If you are an Occupier or believe in what they are trying to do, You Can Vote Here, and Add that you are Voting as an Occupier in the Comments Section, and want to see gender balance achieved in the Nationsl Conventions and local general assemblies, for Occupy to live up to its promise. (and the website design was sadly nationanlistically patria-rchal, with its Liberty Bell and Flag Logo totally disconnected from any depiction of the US connection to the Earth and all the other world occupies), only has 650 out of the proposed 876 delegate candidates, and they are NOT YET females equal to males in number, NOT gender balanced, despite the stated intentions to have one woman and one man from each Congressional district (click on Delegate Candidates and then View Delegates) The main grievance section says nothing about amending the US Constitution and election process, as so many other more truly democratic nations have done, to insure representing women equally in number to men yet. Worse, the website appears to have prematurely closed thair delegate selection process!

June Update: The National General Assembly Steering Committee and founder "decided" to their online election June 7-June 11, having "decided", based on the judgement of apparently 5 men and one women, without consulting with their participants, against the Urgent Memorandum (this also appears on the website that was offered in the attempt to give time to affirmatively gather more female delegate candidates.The online election turnout was not as high as expected (maybe the lack of so many needed female delegates jinxed it) moment), and 142 women and 445 men were "elected". The Steering Committee sent out a notice that due to the lack of a number of elected delegates, all 787 on the ballot would be asked to attend, (likely skewing it further in the direction of grossly male predominant gender imbalance). Several women delegates are networking to transform this situation, and achieve achieve gender balance, by the time the National General Assembly convenes. One, who is an artist, developed a poster to indicate her upset about the situation. (The Ark wishes to reassure the National General Assembly that it does not wish to judge or accuse it of unique sexism, although the failure to realize the importance of reaching gender 50-50 in imbedded in the habitual acceptance of cumulative patriarchy, and the failure to grasp its importance must be affirmatively overcome, no matter what effort that requires. The National General Assembly functioned under extreme time constraints, and like all Occupy, was hampered by the sexism of the US corporate media, especially TV and radio. If TV and radio had accurately and widely reported on the one woman one man aspect of the National General Assembly's original goal, more women would have known about it earlier and signed up more quickly to participate. Women's participation in any representative bodies is terribly hampered by the misinformation, neglect and false impressions provided by the US media. The image below is just one woman delegate's artistic response, not a wholesale or final indictment of the National General Assembly, which may still overcome its imbalance somehow, due to the activities on concerned observers.)

Whether the Occupy National Gathering or the National Assembly Convention, for democracy, these must be assemblies of Founding Restored Sisters and Mothers and non-patriarchal Brothers and Fathers, (not remake the mistake of the socalled "Founding Fathers") and not become just another version/mirror image of Corporate Patriarchal Fathers and Self-Replicating Big Brothers, with only tokenized little Sisters and squelched insufficiently numbered Mothers making almost the same gender mistake now that was made in 1789 (and has been real underlying cumulative reason why both the US and "government" around the gender imbalanced world is failing and in a state of free fall.)

At the National General Assembly, there was also a premature cut-off on voting, for May 23rd, that likely will keep many women out, as women have been very busy battling the attacks on all their rights by entrenched politicians and unrepresentative bodies, and trying to shore up women beleaguered around the world. The date of the voter registration should be kept open to the very last day before the Convention, and should be examined and documented for gender balance, or the Convention will fail in its promise to that portion of Earth's interconnected humanity living in the US.

A version of the Ark's Media Page was recently sent to many of these websites to highlight the problems the women's representation issue has had in the media, and help Occupy Media to overcome it in their online media, which are too focussed on confrontations with police and not focussed enough on the fulcrum issue that leads to all justice, peace and protection of the environement: equal female and male gender representation and consensual decision making of the general and all assemblies.

It is only very recently (May 17) that women developed a centralized caucus as preparation to the activities in Philadelphia. and ARK encourages a continuation of intense networking among women, to transform the National Feminist General Assembly into a National Feminist Congress, like that of the Women's Parliament of Professor Esther Herzog and the West Germany based Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Israel, which unites Jewish and Arab women in decision-making and is connected to a now very necessary transformative gender balanced political party there, and unite the National Feminist General Assembly, transformed into a representative assembly, with Pro-Feminist men's partner caucus of men engaging men specifically for women's equity, as well; men must hold each other responsible to helping women overcome the many generations and centuries of imbedded patriarchy); in addition to a gender mainstreaming approach, and create out of this networking a model (or if need be, actual)r-evolutionary Congress that is gender balanced, as has been achieved in many other countries that few Americans know about because the corporate media censors this information.

The Occupy Movement has made initial strides to overcome the marginalization of women that has occurred in most decision-making, but there have been some criticism that it has not yet achieved this goal. and

Another occupy-movment-related attempt at representative governement, the Peoples Congress at , is also forming. Initial attempts at informing the Steering Committee there have been underway, but so far, no commitment to gender balance has been made or publicized on their website. Input is needed now to insure that 50-50 gender balance, and minorities representation in a percentage about equal to minorities prsences in the population, occures at the Peoples Congress. Update: We are happy that Peoples Congress has formed a Gender Equality Committee. and has linked with Ark on the importance of gender balance/ It has developed a page for highlighting gender balance at

The recent MayDay protests failed to connect that the day falls on Beltane, the ancient May Holiday highlighting gender mutuality, and although they dealt with labor issues have not yet highlighted a gender balanced approach to economics that includes women's unpaid work, home and community activity of both women and men, and the more gender balanced Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI), with a standard for gender representation, rather than the man-only-made Gross Domestic Product Paradigm (GDP)(see

The most recent protests in Chicago showed high profile activity of women, as in the efforts of National Nurses United to have their voices heard But the Nurses' call for a Robin Hood tax on Wall Street (Ark would have preferred the Nurses called for a Maid Marion and Robin Hood Tax, to recall that Robin Hood relied on Maid Marion's partnership for his efforts) has little chance of passage in a gender imbalanced Congress and Executive, and corporations. Only when Nurses, and women of all professions, and mothers at home all call for equal representation at all levels of decision-making will such solutions be given the seriousness which they deserve.

The Chicago Protest Against Nato and the almost Simultaneous protest at Camp David Maryland against the almost simultaneous meeting of the G8 both failed to highlight the total lack of gender balance in both meetings. Take a look at the picture of the G8 meeting and only one woman, Angela Merkel, is the only woman in a group made entirely of men, (many of whose governments, unlike Merkel's, are nowhere near gender balance.) Similarly, a picture of the NATO Summit reveals a very large circle of men only But the Occupy protests made no mention of the underlying gender realities in thie peace/war organization.

The Christian Science Monitor noted that the Nato Summit, which dealt with the future of Aghani women, contained so few women that it could not address this issue Amnesty International held a Shadow Summit, but its participants, Speakers and panelists include Afifa Azim, Executive Director, Afghan Women's Network; Manizha Naderi, Executive Director of Women for Afghan Women; and IL Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, likely failed to grasp that the dangers ot Afghan woman and US women are linked, and due to an accepted culture of lack of overdue women's representation/gender balance in both countries, and too many lands. (Jan Schakosky likely failed to even mention there are currently almost twice as many Afghan women in office than the number in the even more patriarchal and dangerous US Congress, and the current election will leave this world-endangering imbalance as is.) The Afghan women themselves highlighted the People's Summit, which was also coordinating with Occupy, The People's Assembly did have a fairly gender balanced panel of KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: Malalai Joya, former Afghan member of Parliament and internationally renowned opponent of NATO's occupation of Afghanistan; Rev. Janette Wilson, Rainbow/PUSH coalition; Reiner Braun, International Coordinating Committee of the European No to NATO network; Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Nonviolence; death row prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal via speakerphone; Malik Mujahid, Muslim Peace Coalition; Medea Benjamin, Code Pink; Col. Ann Wright (ret.), antiwar activist. But nowhere was there any linkage that the problems of women are based in the underrepresentation of women in Afghanistan and those of women in the United States, and are linked with each other and too much of the rest of the world. In fact, the FLYER for the People's Summit starts with an Afghan women, but then mentions only male speakers, and leaves out most of the women, especially the home grown variety. But women's rights are very much an American and whole world issue, now just as much as important and possibly equally or more endangered in the US than in Afghanistan, because Afghanistan has almost twice as many women in its Parliament than the US, with 27% compared to 17% (and neither meeting the bare critical minimum of 30% called for by 2000 the the UN Beijing Platform for Action for Women.

It is not enough to just have women on the menu, as they are at: at an activity connected with Occupy; they and the men must speak up for actual full presence of women with men in decision-making, or their efforts at peace come to naught. Women from Wisconsin took a beautiful intergenerational approach to the their presence, yet failed to hone in on women's representation/gender balance as the fulcrum issue that determines war and peace and all human rights. Their women's action was not even mentioned in the Occupy Wisconsin list of events, and there was clearly no Wisconsin men's profeminist partnering to its importance in dealing with NATO, and all war culture/pseudogovernment.

Occupy Chicago does have a gender equity group It states: "We reject any and all restrictions to abortion access, equal pay, equal access to housing, healthcare, childcare, and other social services as an outrageous, governmentally-sanctioned attack. But it does not yet mention and call for full gender balanced representtaion as the critical mass need to defense against such attack. Women (and men who respect them) simply cannot protect women of any race or sexual orientation from attack without equal female/male gender representation.

Occupy Patriarchy does have a list of grievance issues to be dealt with by Occupy:, AND ARK exhorts them to be highlighted at the Convention. These issues include:
Equal pay and ending other forms of economic discrimination
Paid maternity and paternity leave
Zero tolerance of violence against women, sexism, sexual harassment and other misogynist behavior
Ending sexual exploitation and trafficking
Getting the Equal Rights Amendment ratified (Ark adds, as long as it isn't used to deny affirmative action for women).
Implementation of the National Action Plan for Women, Peace and Security
Funding the Violence Against Women Act
Ratification of CEDAW the Convention on All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
Reproductive justice (including the right not to have a child, the right to have a child and the right to raise children
Zero tolerance on the assault on women�s reproductive health
Valuing unpaid work such as childcare, eldercare and housework THE ARK MODEL focuses on family leave as superior to childcare, but that is a detail. BUT THE ONLY THING MISSING IS A CLEAR EXHORTATION TO THE EQUAL REPRESENTATION OF WOMEN/GENDER BALANCE AT ALL LEVELS OF DECISION-MAKING AND A GENDER BALANCE AMENDMENT TO THE US CONSTITUTION (similar to that in many nations) PASSED BY ALL THE THE OCCUPY NATIONAL ASSEMBLY. THIS MUST LEAD THE LIST of changes, or no other change wiil ever occur!

In honor of the Occupy National Gatherings and Assemblies in Philadelphia, women in the Occupy movement from several locations Declared the following REvolutionary Declarations: These are also available at: and and You can also read the Declarations at:
and one to help the Occupy Movement itself really fulfill its goals at

The Occupy Movement has been criticized for being somewhat diluted and divided (for example, the Occupy General Assembly in New York, which led to the Occupy National Gathering) does not recognize the National General Assembly), and to have a woman problem at some sites (see above links). This dilution and division is itself a symptom of a failure to incorporate the full representation of women alongside men and insistence on mutual respect and full coleadership and participation, needed to unify and balance group dynamics in decision-making. Together, the women and pro-women men of occupy and progressive movments must lead/colead the revolution, take back the media, and take back the government for the good of all, female and male both. For more on taking back the media to serve women as well as men, visit

Liz Abzug, the daughter of Bella Abzug, wrote "As we work to equalize the playing field for honest "pro-99%" candidates to run for Congress, we feel that a true re-creation of government must also equalize the number of women and men elected to Congress. A Second American Revolution will result from electing a congressional majority -- half of them women -- without corporate money." As the above Declarations reveal, that Revolution is underway. Liz' Mother, Bella Abzug organized the 50-50 by 2000 campaign, not just for the US, but the whole world. But Bella's timetable has been terribly and earth-endangeringly delayed. Many countries and jurisdictions have achieved 5050 already. Instead of leading, the US has fallen dismally behind in the Congress, Cabinet and Chief Executive. It must be a top, central priority of Occupy to hold/catalyze a Convention and general assemblies that demonstrates/Declares 50-50 gender balance in July, and always. Without it, Occupy loses the central fact of the human condition on this Planet. The Time is Overdo. The time is NOW.

You can VOTE HERE for 50-50 gender balance at the Occupy Convention, and for it to become a centuries old grievance finally and permanently remedied by the Convention, and for all levels of government worldwide in your local/global community, at all Occupies worldwide. You can vote here also for gender balanced cofacilitation of Occupy General Assemblies, and gender balance in all levels of decision-making, local, national and global.

I vote for gender balance in all levels of government, media, economic paradigms and family and community decision-making free polls 

Where the poll says "Our and Any Country", add again that you are voting for gender balance at the Occupy National Assembly, and for a gender balance amendment to the US Constitution and the Constitutions of All Countries and decision-making bodies. Let the folks at the Occupy National Assembly know you have voted for gender balance there, added the lack of gender balance in representation to the list of grievances with a link to this page one the Ark, send a comment to every proposed Convention (click on View Delegates) delegate about the necessity of a gender balance amendment and gender balanced decision-making at all levels of government, (and tell them you won't participate in the online vote unless the delegate demands the convention lives up to its promise of one woman and one man from every district) and tell them you voted for gender balance all over the Planet, here on the Global Universal ARK. Tell them to communicate this to the Occupies linked around the world. Be sure to also include a vote for gender balanced representation for and including all in your family, neighbors and colleagues for your neighborhood and intergenerationsl family/community past, present and future, on this and all living Planets.

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